Thursday, August 4, 2016

And this was "only" a CLASS ONE hurricane

My recent post about protecting yourself from wind damage is eerily timely given Hurricane Earl made landfall in Belize last night. Images from the Cayes as well as the mainland show very clearly the devastation, god I hate to say this,  a relatively minor hurricane does to the unprotected.  Nature will always win my friends, the choices are either complacency or preparation, there is no middle ground when it comes to protecting assets.

The  National Emergency Management Organization, (NEMO) did a great job preparing the country. LOVE FM, probably the worlds best radio station, was the energizer bunny of keeping people informed about what was going on while it was happening.

Parts of Belize City were under five feet of water, looting started and was quickly brought under control by the National Defense Forces, overall no lives were lost, property can be rebuilt and an already troubled economy will take yet  another hit.

Storm surges and projectiles are the two deadlies in hurricanes themselves.  We are seeing wide spread flooding throughout the country and hopefully we continue without loss of life, all of the  dams are at flood level, the water has to go someplace, the coastal regions are in for a second shock. Flooding.

Floods bring with them uncontrolled septic release, unpredictable water flows and after it dries up, mud, mould and decay.  

It's not a pretty sight on San Pedro this morning, again this was  ONLY  a class one hurricane with sustained winds of 75 miles an hour, it was NOT a major hurricane by any stretch of the imagination.  Newer properties faired better, it is a reminder that when you live in paradise you do make yourself vulnerable  to Mother Nature.

God Bless Belize, still the Jewel.

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