Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alberta politics is so unpredictible it's rather boring, and it's going to stay that way

Jim Prentice risks being more interesting than a stuffed shirt by buying a 1950's car for his grandson. Welcome to the club Jim; I bought a 1958 Vauxhall Victor for my grandson for exactly the same reason.

Politicians are often self absorbed and boring, so it's nice to see a touch of humanity and frankly affluence by having our premier buy a 56 T-Bird. Of course the idea that he would spend his money on anything so frivolous  simply proves he is not responsible with money, except he paid cash and his T-Bird still cost less than your lifted F350 diesel with the leather seats you bought with no money down and will make payments on for eight years.

Like I said, the Premier paid cash.

In tough times, people who have cash generally get to buy things from people who do not have cash, this is called prudence and financial acumen. It's also called taking advantage of a good deal.

Now the left  will complain this is the 1% using their wealth to exploit the 99% but in reality it's just a fundamental understanding that you can't spend more than you earn.

So what does the T-Bird mean for the future of the province?

It means that fiscally prudent people  who live below their means might be in charge. The Premier might have more resources than most people, and the left might hate him for it, but all it really proves is, well, nothing other than  the guy has an eye for cars. Although to tell you the truth I am a bit concerned about the hood gap on the Bird, it's ever so slightly off, indicating a less than stellar restoration, I'm sure you noticed.
But to get where Alberta needs to go, driving old car analogies aside, the Premier is going to have to make some changes,  changes that involve replacing some old MLA's with new ones:

Peter Sandhu: Like him or not, he was embroiled in a scandal about his business dealings, he is a lightening rod and therefore gone. Scores a zero in fiscal prudence.

Fred Horne: Fred became the master of our of control single source contracts and  the irony of this is his fate is largely in the hands of the Yoda of the single source contract, PC party executive director Kelly Charlibois.

Raj Sherman:  Doctor Dreamy has gone into hiding of late, this will become permanent as he has single handedly demolished the Liberal party.  I know he's not a PC but he should still go.

Doug Horner: A great guy but he is completely off-side with the Prentice model of fiscal management, caucus cannot be a comfortable place for him. Oops I see I am a day late on this one, he retired before I could share my prediction.

Sohail Quadri: His undoing was telling my friend Nejolla that he had a special deal for voting in the leadership race that essentially let him do it for people. Very suspect behaviour.

David Xiao:  Since  being  disqualified as a CPC candidate,  being an MLA is embarrassing at best.  David, just go.  

Janice Sarich: She has already expressed her dissatisfaction with party politics and her lack of upward mobility. I think her dissatisfaction is about to be honored.

Gary Bickman:  Of all the people about to feel the wrath of the rebel voters in southern Alberta,  Gary will be the guy;  his election victory  over former MLA Broyce Jacobs was largely a battle of competing Mormon bishops,  this time it is more than likely to be a battle of more fundamental values, like honesty.

Danielle Smith:  Few people in politics have gone from hero to zero quicker than Ms. Smith.  Even if the PC party does not do a " Joe Anglin" on her, I think her constituents will seal the deal.
How come Thomas Lukaszuk isn't on this list? Well frankly, Thomas could run for the Rhinoceros party and people in Castledowns would vote for him. Indeed he has done a very good job of staying out of the limelight for negative things. 
There are a few others who might find their nomination "discouraged" by the Premiers office  such as Pearl Calahasen, Moe Amery, Neil Brown, Alana DeLong, all good MLA's,  however given that Premier has suggested "Term Limits" every MLA in the PC party should be looking at their personal "best before" date.
Tenure is no longer the great thing it once was.  Essentially the old timers need to go because each of them will receive 3 months severance for every year served prior to 2012. Alana DeLong, for example, was elected in 2001 she is eligible for 33 months severance or about $400,000.00.   The Premier is likely thinking, "better to take this hit once than drag it out".  Expect a lot of retirements.
The message was loud and clear to those who took the time to hear it:  this is a new team, a new Alberta, a new organization. All of which is just rhetoric except  anytime there is a new CEO, that CEO will want his own people.

Pretty boring stuff