Monday, June 20, 2016

Has Atlas Shrugged?

Google "Atlas Shrugged"and you will find an extremely interesting book about  what happens when all the smart people leave and let the dumb ones run things.

It reminds me a lot of Venezuela. Looting, shortages of toilet paper and gasoline, rampant printing of worthless ideology leaflets, distracting people with things like climate change and carbon taxes. Golf balls wacked at effigies, oh wait, that's not just Venezuela, it's Wild Rose country. 

I'm not suggesting that our current government has not done some good things, building schools makes sense, matching donations in Fort Mac makes sense, but leaving a bunch of Mars water bombers stranded  in Yellowknife during "The Beast"  because the fire started before the contract commencement date of June 1st  does not. 
Pretending that some solar panels are going to make your constituency office green, or spending a million dollars to break a contract with a private  lab company to keep a bunch of  civil service union hacks happy does not. Introducing a carbon tax, that should have  been called a tax on all carbon based things, does not.  Hiring your husband as your press secretary does not. Interfering in a community process as the cabinet minister responsible does not.

The only logical conclusion: Atlas Shrugged. 

The conservative people in Alberta, be they social, fiscal, reformers or libertarians need to get their shite together and fix this experiment in social engineering, especially before the NDP start to reform the education curriculum and get my grandsons more worried about carbon footprints and tofu consumption than long division and spelling.

I can appreciate how spending your entire political career in opposition might make being in government a heady exercise.  Since the coffers were drained by the last government, the new government, in the absence of huge amounts of cash to blow,  has no choice but to create new taxes and start to reform the most basic of public institutions, to make them over in their image.

Conservatives are full of piss and vinegar about all this and are guaranteed to get this socialist regime reelected if they don't ditch their two party  vote split. The PC's and the Wild Rose are making a Preston Manning size mistake here. Preston being Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's arguable best friend.

Federally we learned the lesson and merged the right, provincially we are caught up in a vortex of grumpy old party insiders  with massive egos.  The bicycle riding union leaders, especially the one who pled guilty to a DUI, must be salivating and the opportunity they have to unionize everything and make sure that everything is reduced to it's lowest common denominator. I see no one to stop this, because anyone running for either the PC's or WRP who talks about it won't get elected leader.

The grumpy old party insiders, did it to Ralph Klein, Ed Stelmach, Allison Redford, Danielle Smith and are soon to do it to Brian Jean and Rick McIvor.  The NDP on the other hand, have a charismatic woman the loyalists loves leading the party, she is competent and more balanced than we suspected.  Still a socialist and with a socialist bent to all things: more taxes, more government.

A footnote to this is the recent forced departure of Stephen Lougheed (son of Peter, yes) as the CEO of Alberta Innovates, Technology Futures. The agency, the commercialization arm for new tech development in Alberta, did phenomenal work. The NDP solution to this was punt the leader. This can only be explained that successful commercialized technology  posed a threat to the socialists model of success: The success of past governments has to be made to look like a failure.

The old buys in golf pants need to get their egos out of their butts and admit at the NDP are a terrible government but there is nobody  better than the government we have today.

Unite the right or die, and stop doing stupid crap like the making Rachel Notley a golf target.  Really, that was just stupid.

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