Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nick Koolsbergen: the PMO staffer who personifies "past behaviour predicts future behaviour"

Nick is the Director of Issues in the Prime Ministers Office, (Yes that is a real job title)   I had forgotten about Nick, as  the last time  he did anything memorable enough to comment on  was July of 2013. 

Well he's BAAAACK!. This time interfering, or at least oblivious to the bad optics of talking to witnesses at the Duffy trial. Sporting a St. Louis Cardinals hoody that made him look like a kid who watched way more sports than he participated in, he "conveniently" had a conversation with one of the witnesses in the Duffy trial about the "weather."

Adding further to the notion that this group are stupid if they didn't know and dishonest if they did, there is no scenario, other than the death of a loved one when speaking to a witness in a trial involving your employer can be considered anything except interference in the judicial process.
Last time I wrote about Nick, I was referring to his penchant for telling MP's what to say on a regular basis from this I cannot help but extrapolate that as the Director is Issues he might very well be doing the same thing again?

Last time, Nick was telling Cabinet Ministers who they should associate with and who they shouldn't: The PMO denied it of course, but still:

"Nick, like lots of  cannon fodder before him, wants to get in the Mandarin class meal line, he thinks he can lead others by doing what he is told, but in reality the only this thing kid knows how to do is WHAT he is told. The question now simply remains as to who told him.
We could ask the cabinet ministers  but they will likely quote Carl Vallee the spokesman on the file who said:
 "We don't comment on internal communications, we are collaborating with our Ministers, especially new Ministers, to ensure they are fully briefed so they can continue their work on behalf of Canadian taxpayers"   
Well thank God someone is"
If you are a believer that past behavior predicts future behaviour there should be no surprise that Nick is hanging out at the court house talking to witnesses. somebody has to make sure they know what to say.

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