Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why gay marriage is really nothing to set yourself on fire over.

Now that American President Barak Obama has ridden the rainbow unicorn and presided over the judicial decision to legalize gay marriage, nothing much is going to change. I don't understand the outrage, or the consternation frankly, never did, but sometimes it takes the judiciary to keep the legislature from pandering to special interests; in this case the special interest being those opposed to gay marriage, mostly fundamentalist pastors and their well financed flocks.  This is yet another case where the tyranny of the majority was ruled out of order.

The majority being everyone who's not gay.
So here's what I don't get about it:
Most of the loudest pundits, like the preacher who wants to set himself on fire are probably only marginally attractive to their heterosexual partners and likely aren't on the radar of the gay. "Me thinks he doeth protest too loudly" comes to mind.

My grandson, who is seven, and I went to a wedding of his cousin recently, on the drive down he asked me if two boys could get married, I said yes if they are in love they can.  To him this was as complex as it got, no references to Deuteronomy or concerns that they will want to adopt. Just a simple kids understanding that marriage is about affirming love.
If we think about it, that's really all it is about. Sexual orientation is no greater a mystery than being red headed, tall or left handed. Science will explain it with a hormonal predisposition of the fetus in the womb, it has complexity beyond this sentence, but the point is generally correct. While we no longer think Red Heads are witches, I'm sure that in a few years this issue too will  fade into oblivion except for those affected by it;  if it hasn't already.
The other argument is why isn't there a Straight Pride parade? That's an interesting one and I think it best summed up by this:
"I have a dream that one day a man will be judged by the depth of his character and not the color of his skin."

Same rodeo, different horses.
The parade thing is really a show  about being released from oppression and predjuice and it's long overdue.
I am a partner in a company that sells vodka; Souvenir Vodka (available at many quality retailers near you and if they don't have it, ask them to stock it) and one of our most popular bottles is the one emblazoned with the Pride Flag. Yup, I sell gay vodka, now it is exactly the same vodka as is in all our other bottles, but we were asked to sponsor a gay curling event last year and we did by developing an appealing bottle, it sells well.
I'd personally, like nothing better than for a right wing preacher to take issue with our product, and to make lots of outrageous noise in the media. Sales might skyrocket and I will make more money. I would prefer they not douse themselves in it before setting themselves on fire, but otherwise go hard.
I am being a bit flippant I know, I understand the suffering and pain that has gone on before but I can honestly say that we are beyond it. I know of no one who thinks this is a serious issue anymore, it has become ordinary.
Good luck to everyone affected by this issue; get married, enjoy your life, live your life as in the sage words of my philosopher friend Gary the deadbeat boyfriend; "after 20 years it's all same sex marriage"
Get over it people, if you can't handle that other people are different they probably feel the same about you.

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