Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PMO staffer Nick Koolsbergen tells tory cabinet ministers who to hate, what time to have a nap and when it's their turn on the swing set.

I could not make this up and neither did my friend Josh Wingrove, the Globe and Mail Ottawa correspondent. 
An under-underling in the PMO called Nick Koolsbergen does exactly what he is told and sends out a list of people the new cabinet ministers are supposed to hate.
I find it remarkable that the PMO has learned nothing in the recent past, hopeful I suppose that the names of the fat white people who  were kicked out of the Senate, or the svelt MP from St. Albert who told them to take a hike will be forgotten before the next election.
Koolsbergen is so inconsequential he has a total of 345 followers on Twitter,  less than my dog.
Clearly he is not the mastermind behind this latest attempt to control cabinet ministers, indeed the fact he signed the memo tells me all I need to know about his ability to mastermind anything, this is just another poli-sci grad who will go to any length to avoid getting a job that involves real work. I would guess his other job on this file  was to punch the holes in the pages of the binder.
All of this underscores, yet again,  just how hopeless and ridiculous the entire PMO debacle has become.
I, as MLA long admired the utter lack of cooperation from the Mandarin class of senior civil servants. Their favorite concept:  legislation by regulation is nothing more than the Mandarin class structuring laws in such a way that they can be changed at will without legislative or public scrutiny.
Classic "Yes Minister" stuff.
Nick, like lots of  cannon fodder before him, wants to get in the Mandarin class meal line, he thinks he can lead others by doing what he is told, but in reality the only this thing kid knows how to do is WHAT he is told. The question now simply remains as to who told him.
We could ask the cabinet ministers  but they will likely quote Carl Vallee the spokesman on the file who said:
 "We don't comment on internal communications, we are collaborating with our Ministers, especially new Ministers, to ensure they are fully briefed so they can continue their work on behalf of Canadian taxpayers"   
Well thank God someone is.

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jannx said...

August 2015: Was the "poli-sci" grad seen in the Ottawa courthouse engaged in the unethical or possibly illegal act of 'coaching' Chris Woodcock?